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How do I use my Income Ladder?

Income Ladder is a spreadsheet that shows past and projected monthly earnings from each investment. Projections are based on Issuer proformas. This allows you to estimate potential passive income. Income ladder is in beta. Feedback welcomed.

How to access the Income Ladder?

Q: How can I access my Income Ladder?

A: Your Income Ladder can be accessed by clicking the "Portfolio" link in the main navigation, then scrolling down to the section labeled "Your Income Ladder."

Missing Properties

Q: Why is a property completely missing from my Income Ladder?

A: Properties will only show up in your Income Ladder once a Share Certificate is received, at least for your first investment in that property. Additionally, USD properties do not show up in Income Ladder at this time.

Past Distributions

Q: What information is included about past distributions in the Income Ladder?

A: Your past distributions are actuals up to the date you download the Income Ladder. The Income Ladder will show past distributions for all properties.

Future Distributions

Q: How are future distributions projected in the Income Ladder?

A: The Income Ladder projects future distributions for most properties based on projections and estimates from the Issuer's proforma, generally from the time of issuance. Issuers may offer updated projections at their discretion.

Properties Without Projections

Q: Why do some properties show past distributions but have blank cells for future projections?

A: Some properties will have blank cells for future projections because certain information required for our projections needs checking or manual data entry, such as the specific financial year of an entity.

Missed Dividends

Q: What happens if an expected dividend is not distributed?

A: If an expected dividend is not distributed, the cell will display "$0.00" rather than a blank cell a month after the projected payment date.

Delayed Exits

Q: What happens if an exit is delayed but a projection is still available?

A: If an exit is delayed but a projection is still available, the exit will appear further in time in the spreadsheet with the updated projection.

Other Adverse Information

Q: How does adverse information affect future projections in the Income Ladder?

A: If addy receives adverse information that causes uncertainty about future distributions, the future projections for that property will be displayed as blank cells. However, blank future projections are not always due to adverse information. In the event of adverse information, addy will send clear communications to our community.


Q: How often does the Income Ladder update?

A: Your Income Ladder updates in real-time when distributions are received or scheduled for payment by an Issuer. Projections are only adjusted if updated information is provided by the Issuer. Updated proformas or changes due to adverse information will be reflected in the Income Ladder as soon as feasible.

Performance Ladder

Q: What is the Performance Ladder?

A: A Performance Ladder is being developed separately to measure performance metrics, displaying how a property performs on an actuals vs. projections basis. We welcome your feedback as we develop this feature.