What is the Subscriber Distribution Table

Breakdown of terms

Subscriber Distribution Table for Altadore Townhomes

1) addy initial investment refers to the amount of money addy will raise for the property.

2) Profit available to addy members refers to the profit that will be generated by sale or refinance income over the term of the investment. 

3) Distributions available to addy members refers to the cash that will be generated by rental income and distributed to addy members

4) Setup costs are costs associated with setting up the investment and is taken from the Cash available for distribution to addy.

5) Profits + Distribution available to addy members is the net profit addy members will get. It takes the income generated by the property and minuses the setup costs to get the net profit amount for addy members.

6) Distributions % refers to the periodic payment of rental income or profits generated by an investment property to its investors or owners, this is expressed as a percentage of the investment amount.