What steps does addy take to ensure my investment gets to where it should be?

Here's how addy safeguards investments and the money you deposit in your addy wallet

The safety and security of your money, and your investments, is our top priority. addy takes the following steps:

1. We hold all our members funds in a trust account in TD bank.
3. Funds are transferred to the registered EMD of the issuance and their trust account is vetted when they are onboarded as addy approved.

4. We verify the government ID of each director of the issuer and then tie that back to the register of directors for the entity you are buying ownership into.

5. We do the same for the users of the EMD.

6. We pull the title of the subject properties multiple times; at start and before release of funds to ensure no changes. We verify persons are indeed directors and have authority to bind agreements. We get attestation from the directors of the recipient entity as to when our members will be registered owners of the purchased securities. 
7. We verify the PIDs of the issuance properties on all agreements and get a sign off from a director of the issuer, EMD, addy tech corp, addy portal corp and an independent director on the flow of funds between the two verified trust accounts of addy and the EMD and to the verified bank account of the entity.

Should you ever have any questions about this matter, please don't hesitate to email support@addyinvest.com or reach out to us on our Discord channel for the fastest experience!