Automatically pair your USD account with Plaid

Follow this easy process to fund your USD addy wallet

Adding funds to your $USD addy wallet

ℹ️ If you are unable to automatically pair your USD bank account, please visit Manually Pair your Bank Account.

Bank transfer from a $USD account at a Canadian Financial Institution

  1. Access your wallet
  2. Click on the toggle for your $USD addy wallet
  3. Click link an account to get started
  4. Follow the Plaid flow and confirm the account details.
Plaid is a verification service with a trusted and proven track record when it comes to data security. Please find more information about them here.

5. If you receive the below error, please try again with a $USD currency bank account or contact for help.
6. If successful, you will be able to proceed with the transfer.  

7. Select add $USD funds

8. Select Bank Transfer

9. Complete the deposit request

10. Deposits will take 7 business days to be reflected in your addy wallet. Want access to instant funds? Become an addyOne member.